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  • Leisure Boat Club
    Hassle-Free Boating:
    By being a member of the Leisure Boat Club, you can enjoy a fleet of boats at your convenience. The LBC team takes care of all the boat maintenance, insurance, transporting in and out of the water, fueling and cleaning between trips. As a member, you just book your boat, show up and enjoy the ride!
  • Leisure Boat Club
    Affordable Packages:
    LBC has affordable membership packages starting from $2500 to join the club and as low as $415/month giving you access to the full fleet of boats. View membership benefits
  • Leisure Boat Club
    Unlimited Boating:
    An LBC membership offers incredible savings of both time and money compared to owning your own boat. Between the cost of purchasing a boat, maintaining it and dealing with transporting it in and out of the water to avoid various weather systems, the dream of living a carefree boating lifestyle can quickly be overpowered by the realities of owning a boat. With LBC you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy a well-maintained boat at your leisure.
    Compare Joining the Boat Club vs Owning a Boat:
  Boat ownership Leisure Boat Club Boat Club
Description Annual Cost Platinum Plan
Loan interest $2,185 $0
Dockage $4,680 $0
Insurance $1,980 $0
Maintenance $1,800 $0
Wash Plan $480 $0
Depreciation $6,000 $0
Contingency $514 $0
Boating Club membership $0 $3,990
Boating Club annual usage fee $0 $7,680
Total Cost after 1 year $17,638 $11,670
Difference after 1 year - $5,968
Total Cost over 3 years $52,914 $27,030
Difference over 3 years $25,884 -
A total savings of 47% -

Based on a purchase price of an identical vessel with the same options and equipment. Financing 90% over 10 years at 7.5% interest.
  • Leisure Boat Club
    Enjoy a variety of boats:
    Why just have one boat when you can have your own fleet to choose from? Depending on what your boating plans are and how many people are in your party, you can choose what size of boat you want. Or, if you want to do some fishing you can choose our smaller fishing boat, ideal for fishing inside the reef, or our Boston Whaler for a more serious fishing trip. The LBC fleet is designed to meet the needs of Cayman Islands boaters with a fleet ranging from 17ft to 31ft. View the fleet
  • Leisure Boat Club
    Trusted and Experienced Boating Partners:
    When you join LBC you have the benefit of being taken care of by MooreMarine Services. MooreMarine have been in the boating business for over 20 years and through their experience and expertise providing an all inclusive marine service center, daily boat rentals for visitors and have now developed the boat club designed to meet the needs of Cayman Islands residents who are eager to boat but want a stress-free solution. MooreMarine takes care of all the maintenance and hassle to allow members to just show up and enjoy the ride!